What is the task of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation?

Campaigning: Our work with communities has helped people to have a better life. BSB has created new nature conservation areas. We assist households to become more water and energy efficient. We save native plants, protect native wildlife, and making human life style more sustainable.


Advice: Our reputation as an international charitable nonprofit organization allows us to have input into legislation and government decisions on behalf of our members and member groups and the environment.


Conservation Education: BSB environmental education programs built on the skills and capacities of individuals, companies and partnered environment groups, helping us to keep achieving change of behavior! Members and Supporters from many countries work hard to ensure a positive future for our Earth. We facilitate awareness and education campaigns, in addition to producing original research and publications.

Your support will enable us to react quickly to new threats, fund essential education projects and provide quality advice to communities industry and government. Without your help, your grandchildren, many native plants and animals, Earth's bio diversity, Earth's forests and our unique marine environment, our coral reefs, might be lost forever. Your tax-deductible donation will help conserve and promote Earth’s natural environment for generations to come.

Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation Land Stewards give us the strength and the possibilities to fulfill our mission.


Guest Lectures: Guest lecturers Peter & Marianne Bonenberger will give you the understanding how Nature works, citing facts.

Marianne Bonenberger has studied Pedagogy at the University of Augsburg, Germany. Peter has studied business. Peter & Marianne have published several books and brochures, and have given presentations all over Earth.Peter & Marianne Bonenberger have been giving lectures on Nature, on geology, on history, on Earth's oceans. They have traveled widely, having visited over 72 countries. Travels have been primarily for the study of geology, natural resources, environmental problems and historical/cultural development of the areas visited. Special interests include areas where glaciations, volcanism and/or plate tectonics play an important role in geologic evolution. As Master Conservationists they researched the impact of human and cultural development on riparian areas.

Peter & Marianne Bonenberger are the founders of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, an international charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation education. They have published more than 1000 articles, abstracts, and several books.

Email us to inquire about booking Peter & Marianne Bonenberger as Guest lecturers, conference speakers or Keynote speakers at your event.


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